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we are perfecting the art & science of public executions...



freelance visual artist and designer.
envisioning distortion and shocking souls.
studied art and design with people like Fantauzzi, Fazio, and Dinchuck.
montages of whatever, whenever, and wherever.
unconditioned treatments.
this is "dijitlalchemy".


whois gneuz.
whois not seuss.
whois not any a messenger.
sometimes a note, or a write on a wall.
to tether that noose not all too tight, mainly in plain sight.
as you see we know nothing of a plan.
except the liking to play hangman.
this is all we know about the gneuz.
waiting for glory to drop the hole on the gallows pole.

now, what do you see...


#hangings, #dunkings, #stonings, #burnings and #beheadings...

enjoy the executions...


#asylums, #gallows & #guillotines...

more danger, more fun... enjoy the bewilderment...


Craft Burger, Poughkeepsie, NY


off with their heads!


archiving pandora!


public executions

world of fuck


another fuck in the wall


a broken sign


Fuck Vs. Thanks


#fuckshot, it starts somewhere.

the fuck, from fact to fiction, it is all around us, at any given moment. we felt inspired by some the fucks on the silver screen, so we decided to catch up with them, and stream the experience. people just do not get live pieces.

natures own







going about its way. insecticide is its game.

the missing shadows


avid birdie.


righteous horns.

a parody on apples shadow marketing campaigns. #makeamericarageagain



this is your tech...


this is its #security...

there is a 2% chance that all technology will be completely impervious to all threats, a #pegasus chasing the #dragon... any ?'s

we don't know what to do...


with choice 1...


or with choice 2...

we don't know why they do the things they do, or how it is they can run with everything they have done, but these fun choices are for me and for you. will they cripple the old red, white and blue? maybe a #hungvote is best-to-do.

rebooting the recruit...


#godaddy, eat your heart out!

straight out out of the movies. she was able to circumvent the nations information security architecture by using a personal server in her home, leaving the U.S. completely exposed and vulnerable for the remainder of its existence. possibly one of the greatest hacks in the history of social engineering - maybe downgrading Mitnick to 1337-status-n00b.

what more can we do...


#frump, America LOVES it!

from drawings and statues of poo, except maybe curate as we watch him screw one-self up, down and otherways over all towns.


archiving pandora, ever onward

ars aer

air brushing and spray painting...


an enlightening comedy...


straight outta the shadows...


twilighted by infinite horizons...

the Wildcat Studios, Warwick, NY.

semper procedamus

architecture, engineering, design and drawing for production...


toy car


toy truck


electro magnetic light


Cam Shaft




Sports Car


Marketing pitch. CSHOA branding


Intergalactic Cross Sectionals.


Product Integration.

the goldback studios! Straight Outta Newburgh!

arietem adsum

architecture and design...







Same as above. Same as below. Fuck the louvre, as it is a hollow, Faberge egg. Above, is the portal that flows down into the abyss. Out from below and into the clouds. It is all about balance and the frequencies of flow. the energy between two compliments.

Foundations are binary. Fuck your chinese wall censors, and fuck your encryption algorithms. They begin with a single idea, a thought, an artifact of something. They are shared, protected, encrypted, and held in secrecy. They change, mutated by an auidence while the originator remains in control, as nothing is what it appears to be, an illusion providing a structure for support.

Puppeteering vantages through time. Constructs of social interactions at various intervals and depths of time. scenes. details. information. Pseudonym Flowers. Shady, Old Scenes, New Details. Shady Skies. New Scenes. New Details. Clouds of Control. Times Will Change. But the puppets always have a master, and the master a puppet of its subjects.

Time is the unit of measure for flow, communication and control. Energy and matter, are useless without it. Time is GOD, Time is DEVIL. Flow, Control, Communication, the interchnagable trinity, a means to an end, pieces of a puzzle that get the job done. We are the lords of time, creating knowledge and designing the future, master illusionists.

the arien studios a.k.a. PhilaU.

vulpes rapere

information systems, virtual architecture and design...

the redfox in the falcon studios...



from the roaring foothills of the devils playground to... the fiery depths of hells kitchen and beyond...

New York, US


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